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Workcover is important for our patient in Combohealth Physiotherapy & TCM Clinic Logan central.

If you have work related injury, no matter, if it is back pain from lifting, or fall at your work, or even a motor vehicle injury on your way to/back from work, you are entitled to receive free physiotherapeutic treatments and necessary therapeutic devices under workcover act.

Please contact your GP first to gain workcover medical certificate, and you must also keep your medical certificate up-to-date.

In order for you to receive physiotherapy through Workcover, you must have put in an application of claim form to Workcover. You should get the application when you visit the doctor after your injury.

After a couple of weeks, Workcover will issue you with a claim number. We will need this number inorder to invoice Workcover fo payment of your treatments.

Most of workers are covered by WorkCover Queensland; you can visit their web site or simply call workcover: 1300362128.


Please note, some workers are self insured, such as Injury Net, Australian Post, please contact with their regardingly.




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