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Common conditions

Welcome to Combohealth Physiotherapy & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Clinic at Logan central

When the East meets the West, the better treatments outcome is expected.


Combohealth physiotherapy & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)clinic provides a physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine service to improve your quality of life and restore your health.

We provide:

  • Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and western dry needling
  • Hands on treatment, combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques
  • Therapeutic exercises, strengthen exercise, agility exercise, endurance exercise, balance retraining, gait retraining, Pilates and stretch
  • Joint mobilisation techniques, Mulligan techniques, Maitland techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine mobilisation
  • Electrical modalities, TENs, ultrasound and biofeedback
  • Posture assessment and correction, manual handling assessment and education
  • Neurological rehabilitation, stroke, Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Pulmonary conditions, chest clearance, pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation
  • Cardio-rehabilitations, weight loss and general
  • Post-operative rehabilitation, ACL, rotator cuff reconstruction surgery, total knee/hip/shoulder replacement surgery, common fractures
Our staff
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