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Common conditions

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a part of main stream medicine, which uses modern medical knowledge and technology to deal with most musculoskeletal conditions, some of pulmonary, cardiovascular and neurological conditions. Most of physiotherapeutic interventions are non-invasive, such as soft tissue massage, hot/cold therapy, wax, electrical modalities, therapeutic exercise, posture correction etc. Acupuncture is the only exception, which is inserting fine needles into specific points of the body to relief pain. In general, physiotherapeutic management is safe and effective for most of musculoskeletal conditions.    

What is TCM --- Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an alternative medicine system, which has been used in China for over two thousands years. The main feature for TCM is to restore the balance of the body by using acupuncture, mass age, exercise and herbal medicine. TCM is a valuable addition to main stream medicine to enhance patient’s health and wellbeing.

Can I bulkbill for physiotherapy treatments?

Mostly, physiotherapy is not bulkbilled. Unless referred by your GP under a special program Medicare's Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) entitles you to receive up to five physiotherapy treatments each year. Please contact your GP to gain the referral at a subsidise rate and is only for patients with chronic conditions. The gap payment for EPC patient is $20 for initial consultation and $10 for standard consultation.

What is the fee?

Our fees differ depneding on which health cover you are in. We are prefered providers of MBF and Medibank Private, so your fees are at a discounted rate. To check the schedule of fees for these health funds give us a call, or visit their websites, https://www.mbf.com.au, or http://www.medibank.com.au.

If you are not in a health fund or are in a health funds other than MBF or Medibank Private, the rates are as follows:

  • Initial consultation -------- $ 80.00
  • Standard consultation ---- $ 62.00

We accept most health funds and also use HICAPS, so all you have to pay is the gap!

We do have a partnership with Queensland Department of Communities, 10% discount is available for senior card holder and pensioner.

What should I bring with me in my first physiotherapy visit?
Please bring all the relative X-ray, Ultrasound scan, CT and MRI with you, it will help the physiotherapist to make accurate diagnosis.

What will happen in my first physiotherapy visit?
 A detailed subjective interview and specific physical assessment will be provided, and then the physiotherapist will explain what is your condition, diagnosis, prognosis, treatments goal and plan following the initial treatments.

Do I need a doctor referral to see the physiotherapist?
No, unless you are under medicare EPC, Workcover, DVA (Department of Veterans Affair) or CTP.

What are normal opening hours?
We open Monday to Friday 9 am to 6pm, Saturday 9 am -1pm, other time need special arrangement.
We do have a cancellation policy, 20 $ will be charged if any cancellation happens under four hours.

What is your location and phone number?
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