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Common conditions

Common conditions that phyisotherapy is able to manage are:

Acute lower back pain

Disc prolapse

Middle back pain

(Middle back pain)


Chronic lower back pain
Middle back pain (injury or posture related)
Acute neck pain (injury of posture related)
Chronic neck pain
Cervical disc prolapse
Cervicogenic headache
Coccyx pain

Acute shoulder pain

(muscle injury, shoulder strain, dislocation, instability, AC joint strain, shoulder impingement)

Chronic shoulder pain (Frozen shoulder, shoulder OA)

Elbow pain

(Tennis elbow/ Golfer elbow, Cervical OA, Radiculopathy)

Wrist and hand pain :

(De Quervain tenosynovitis, Scaphoid fracture, wrist and hand OA, Wrist and finer OA)

Hip region pain

(Acute bottock pain, chronic bottock pain, groin pain)

Lower limb muscle injuries, quads, hamstrings, Gastrocnemius, soles, adductors, gluteus muscles

Acute knee pain

(ACL injury, miniscus injury, fat pad impingement, MCL injury)

Chronic knee pain


Calf pain

(Shin splint, Calf muscel injury, Chronic compartment syndrom)

Acute ankle pain

(Ankle sprain)

Chronic heel pain

(Achilles tendinopathy, Plantar fasciitis )



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