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Common conditions


Chronic heel pain

1 Achilles tendinopathy

(previously named Achilles tendinitis, but it was wrong)

This is a breakdown in the Achilles tendon, with small, focal lesions within the tendon without an inflammatory response. It is a long-term condition with degenerative change inside of the tendon

tendon degeneration

MRI scan show degenerative Achilles tendon

Achellis tendinopathySigns and symptoms:

  • A persist pain around heel and calf region, normally pain appears “U” shape, it means pain before and after the activity, usually decreased within the activity.
  • But in the worsen case, it can be constant pain through the activity.


  • The best evidences show a prolonged physiotherapeutic exercise is the best way to manage this problem; it should be progressed under physiotherapist’s supervision.
  • Some other pain managements, such as acupuncture, taping, Deep tissue massage, ice and TENs may decrease the pain temporarily.


  • In general, the prognosis is good; most of people recover under few weeks exercise program plus pain management. Very few people have to go for surgery.



2 plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitisIt is the injury in plantar fascia; a connective tissue runs between heel bone and metatarsal bones.

This problem is result from abnormal foot arch and high tension in plantar fascia.

Signs and symptoms:

  • A patient with plantar fasciitis may have pain anywhere along the course of the plantar fascia but most commonly where the fascia joins the bottom of the heel bone.
  • The patient often feels a great deal of pain after resting, particularly when placing weight on the foot first thing in the morning.
  • It may be combined heel spur.




  • stretch, taping, foot orthosis will help, in addition, acupuncture, deep tissue massage also can relief the pain.
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