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Common conditions

Acute shoulder pain

1, muscle strain
shoulder musclesCommon injured muscle groups are biceps, triceps, infraspinatus, teres minor, teres major, and pectoralis major.

 Signs and symptoms:

  • Pain with certain movement, active resistance and passive stretch
  • Tender on palpation over injured part
  • Clear injury history, either heavy lifting or direct trauma


  • In acute phase, RICE
  • Gentle soft tissue massage, acupuncture, TENS will decrease pain
  • Gentle stretch, AROM will maintain good function
  • Later stage, deep tissue massage to relax muscles, stretch, strengthen exercise and co-control exercise.

2, AC joint strain
AC joint injuryFall on top of shoulder or in outstretched arm

Signs and symptoms:

  • Pain on front part of shoulder
  • Increased pain with arm cross chest
  • Tender on palpation over AC joint


  • Acute phase: RICE
  • Taping to stabilise shoulder
  • AROM exercise,
  • Later stage, strengthen exercise, shoulder stability exercise.

3, shoulder dislocation
shoulder dislocationEither from direct trauma or shoulder instability, Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS)

Signs and symptoms:

  • Severe pain, normally, dislocate to frontwards and downwards
  • Unable to move arm
  • Lost shoulder “round” sharp, “square” shoulder
  • If combined with muscle injury, ligament, joint capsule injuries, massive swelling can occur.


  • Relocate shoulder— either doctor of physiotherapist can help
  • Stabilise shoulder, taping, brace or splint
  • Dealing with soft tissue injury
  • Manage with pain
  • Strengthen exercise to stabilise shoulder and prevent further injuries.




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